Soft Cover Books

Fastbind soft cover solutions appeal to many publishers for their:

  • Paperback novels from new authors
  • Family histories and genealogies
  • Memories
  • Poem collections
  • Churches and religious group books
  • Theatre and opera programs
  • Training and educational manuals
  • Seminars and conferences hand-outs
  • Specialized theories, essays, thesis
  • User manuals
  • Product catalogues
  • Corporate brochures

The development of low-cost desktop publishing software and digital printing technologies has led to the progress of self and e-publishing.

Many self-published books utilize printing techniques which are chosen for their suitability for short press runs. In some cases, books are printed on demand with no inventory kept. Small companies also need publishing capabilities for numerous applications. Perfect hot glue binding is still the most appealing solutiuon for any profesionnal result.

Our Fastbind perfect binders can bind those soft cover books either on-demand or for small series. The results reach or exceed the quality of traditional soft cover books found in bookstores.


Reports and Proposals

Perfect bound report in an office

Fastbind binds your works into elegant and professional documents:

  • Business proposals
  • Periodic reports
  • Business plans
  • Activity results
  • Statistic listings
  • Services portfolios

Improve your corporate image

Never before has presentable and professional look of business documents played such an important role in impressing your partners, customers, suppliers and colleagues. The first 3 seconds of glancing at the document are crucial for making decisions. By paying attention to the look of your presentation materials you build the image of your company. No work looks better than a perfect bound document with a square glued spine.


Financial Reports

Various types of Fastbind A4 presentations

With Fastbind, it's easy to make a good first impression with your documents:

  • Periodic reports
  • Audits
  • Comprehensive management reports
  • Budgeting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Financials: Statement of Accounts, Ledger, Balance
  • Service portfolios
  • Business proposals

The presentation of financial documents should reflect the value of the contents. Professional advisors, lawyers, accountants, banks, insurance companies and many other corporations produce daily tons of documents for their customers. Each book is unique, the spine thickness varies from book to book and the small number of copies does not allow mistakes in binding. Contents are highly variable and don’t always offer them the time to customize the cover. With Fastbind all-in-one perfect binders, you can use professional looking soft or hard leather or vinyl covers or make personalized hard or soft covers.