Fastbind machines are developed and manufactured in Finland. Fastbind is a family-run business that has grown from a small workshop in 1978 into a leading company of the finishing sector in digital printing environment. Market leaders of digital printing, like Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Fujifilm, have chosen Fastbind as their partner.

Today, Fastbind products are distributed through company owned sales offices and certified dealers in more than 90 countries all over the world.

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Mission & corporate values


To be the leader in our field and to provide our worldwide customers with best binding machines for small and medium quantities, first of all orientated towards digital printing.

Corporate values

We treat our customers, employees, and business partners with respect, honesty, openness, tolerance and trust.

Our philosophy is based on:

  • Customer focus
  • Top quality
  • Professionalism
  • Win-win business (value for the customer, profit for the dealer, a fair return to the company)
  • Trained and motivated personnel
  • Continuous product improvement and innovations.


Maping Co is organized around a small nuclear team, working together with a committed and successful partner network around the world. The core of our values is building long-term profitable relationships, based on the win-win principle.

As the inventors and designers of revolutionary Fastbind finishing equipment, we dedicate our resources on product development, machine composition and marketing. Local sales, service and distribution is taken care of by our partners. 


Maping relies on their long term specialized suppliers to manufacture the extremely precise parts needed in Fastbind equipments and supplies. Some of our suppliers have followed our journey to success since the very beginning of our company. Many years of close team work have allowed us to know each other very well, making communication easier and problem solving faster.

Dealers and distributors

Maping has a strong network of dealers and distributors, spread in nearly one hundred countries, over the five continents. We offer them our binding and finishing expertise as well as a very strong selling and marketing support, including personalized brochures, mailing tips, web site assistance, Dealer Extranet, and many opportunities for commercial and technical training either in Finland or during exhibitions abroad.

Most of our dealers are small independent companies, strongly committed to the success of both Fastbind and their customers. Traditionally, most of our dealers are working in the field of print finishing, but, since the introduction of the FotoMount series, companies specializing in the photographic sector are also approaching us. 

Global cooperation agreements

Maping collaborates with digital printer manufacturers. We have been partners with Xerox for over 10 years now. As a recommended finishing solution provider, we assist them in exhibitions and open houses or road–shows with machines and skilled personnel. Fastbind perfectly meet their customers’ need for comprehensive printing and finishing solutions.

We also have partnership agreements with other large corporations such as Océ and Fuji.

After the introduction of Fastbind FotoMount photobook solutions, we gained the interest of photographic corporations as well. The Kodak Company was long known for its wide range of photographic film products, but is now re-focusing on two major markets: digital photography and digital printing. Fastbind ideally complements their new printing solutions to photographers and matches their criteria of quality, speed and ease of use. For the same reasons, other experts such as Rauch, OKI or Noritsu have approached us. 



The first Fastbind binders

Originally Maping Co, manufacturer of the Fastbind brand, was producing table-top binding machines for offices and accountants.

The first binders were designed to bind continuous listings. This experience with small machines binding loose sheets of unique documents gave Maping a natural push to embrace the new trends of the industry. The 40-year-old company managed the shift towards digital and introduced several groundbreaking innovations in the last few years.

Fastbind history

Fastbind Handy™ and Micron™


In the 1990’s, following the launch of Xerox laser output, Maping introduced new compact machines able to bind loose sheets for offices and copyshops, with a roughening unit. Most of the now discontinued 90’s Fastbind Handy™ and Fastbind Micron™ models are still in use throughout Europe.

Fastbind history

The development of a new generation of perfect binders

Launched in Ipex 2002, and already labelled for the “on-demand” market, Fastbind Secura™ was the very first model of Fastbind new generation. This entry-level glue binder is compact, table-top, easy to use and to fit in any setting, from an industrial workshop to an accounting office, from a printing house to a copy shop counter. Secura positioned the brand for the upcoming models as the perfect fit for digital printing.

After Secura, the Fastbind hotmelt glue binding family grew with more and more sophisticated models: Fastbind Elite™ (now our top-seller) with the innovative twin roughener, Optima™, Ultra™ and the latest Elite XT™ for larger formats, up to A3+.

m elite xt

The introduction of Fastbind case makers

Maping development team was too ambitious to comfortably just keep upgrading existing products. They continued on the innovation path. In Drupa 2000, Maping proudly introduced their first case maker, the H530™. It was improved over time and converted to the current, very successful Casematic™ product line. Casematic case making systems allow anybody to produce a customized fully printed hard cover in minutes: any design, almost any size and any format. The only limit is your imagination! With these case making solutions, book covers are just the tip of the pool of possibilities. If you have a printer, ou can now produce your own personalized, fully printed and illustrated, rinf binders, menus and diploma holders, conference covers even some CD and DVd cases or wall-art.

m CaseMatic H46pro

Fastbind PhotoBook makers

With the new century came a new market for photo books. From then on, digital printers are able to handle photograpic and difficult papers, coated to represent a rainbow of colors.So, what about photo books? That’s why we launched the Fastbind FotoMount™ product line. The first prototypes of the product line were displayed in 2007 at Graph Expo in Chicago, met with a wide and amazed audience. The complete line allows photographers as well as printers to create premium photobooks using almost any kind of prints – including real photographic paper. The books pages lay completely flat and can be printed border to border. They can choose among a variety of equipment to create a package that best fits their need. 

Industry feedback was overwhelmingly positive. At DRUPA 2008, Fastbind machines were featured in the booths of Xerox, Fuji and Kodak among others – eloquent testimony to their industry-wide compatibility and appeal. Once again, Fastbind development team has sensed the market and anticipated its needs. Propelled by booming demand for photobooks, the FotoMount machines are marching forth to photo labs and retailers about as fast as the Helsinki-based manufacturer can produce them. Fastbind offers currently an affordable and profitable solution regardless of the type of book or photobook you need.

For duplex photo prints, Fastbind also introduced the linear stapling BooXTer line. BooXTer allows binding for materials that cannot accept glue (like plastic linings, special photo papers...) It is also the key for workshops where a fast delivery is key.

m fotomount f46e

Fastbind PUREVA 

Typically, Fastbind binding quality is higher than competing solutions, including high-end fully automated machinery. The secret of Fastbind binding strength lays in the rotary gluing. Contrary to other equipements, Fastbind perfect binders apply glue from the top and let pressure, heat and gravity work together for the strongest bond. The glue is pushed in the paper grain instead of being just deposited on it.

Still, with the arrival on the market of more and more difficult papers, including highly coated and satinated papers, many customers have started to believe that PUR glue was the answer to their needs. For them, we have developped the Fastbind PUREVA XT. It was launched in London during IPEX 2014. Again, the glue is applied to the top by pressure and as a result the binding strength is usually stronger than any other glue binder on the market.

Pureva XT was replaced with the Pureva Neo for even stronger binding and more constant quality. And in 2020, we introduced the Pureva Smart, a stand-alone automated version with a touch screen color control panel. The smart automation in the machine creates the optimal set-up for each glue type and bound material

The PUREVA family offers the only tabletop solution that allows the users to switch between PUR and EVA glue in a few seconds depending on the task at hand. And, as our other perfect binders, you can go from one format to another, from soft to hard covers with no adjustments. PUREVA can bind oversized books up to SRA3.

 m PUREVA Smart