Custom Cover Materials

Fastbind Grey Boards

Fastbind Grey Boards
  • Made specifically for the production of custom printed hard covers and cases using Fastbind Casematic case makers!
  • Several sizes and spine thicknesses available, including industrial sizes, that you cut to your own needs.
  • Compatible with Fastbind Casematic series, all Fastbind binders, ring binding and comb binding.

Fastbind grey boards in 2mm or 3 mm thick are pre-cut to the most popular sizes: A3 and A4 Portrait, Landscape and Square. They are also available in industrial sizes that you cut to your own needs. The sheets for the spine sticks are thinner that the front and back boards for a stronger and more flexible book.You can order the grey boards in boxes of pre-cut sizes or in pallets, in whatever quantities you need to finish the job.


Express Blank Case™

Express Blank Case
  • The quickest way to produce hard covers, cases and Ring Binders. Simply place and wrap the printed graphics around the Express blank case, and your cover is done!
  • Stock sizes include common formats for Fastbind Hot Melt and BooXTer binding

Making personalized hard covers, ring binders and cases with Fastbind Express Blank Cases™ is easier than ever!


Fastbind Laminating Rolls™

Laminating Tape roll
  • Constant high quality
  • Specifically designed for Hard Cover production with wrap-around edge

Laminating Rolls are manufactured of special OPP material that will create very thin (24 micron gloss/35 micron matt) laminating layer. Fastbind Laminating Rolls are available with matt & glossy surface. They are used for exclusive quality print surface finishing.