PUREVA SMART™: Automated PUR glue binder

Fastbind PUREVA Smart
  • PUR  hotmelt book binder
  • Optional EVA glue tank
  • Hard and soft cover books (with optional hard cover toolkit)
  • Easy to use, safe and clean
  • Automated PGO Microcut spine roughening
  • Automated gluing and nipping
  • Safety light curtains
  • Interchangable glue tanks for PUR and EVA adhesives
  • Compatible with: Fastbind Case Makers, Fastbind Creasers, Fastbind Presso

Fastbind Pureva Smart is a compact and safe perfect binder able to bind soft or hard cover books up to A3 portrait.

Thanks to its electronic temperature control and patented interchangeable glue tank system, Fastbind Pureva Smart can use different types of book binding hotmelt glues, especially polyuréthane (PUR) and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives. The smart automation in the machine creates the optimal set-up for each glue type and bound material, so that any operator always gets the best possible binding quality.

PUR glue guarantees an extraordinary binding strength to your works. Fastbind also ensures the best possible binding quality in its range with EVA glue.



Color touch-screen control panel

7-inch color touch screen

PGO Microcut spine roughener

Automatized Microcut Roughener

Smart automation

Pureva Smart aimes to ease the binding process with its clever use of automation. The operator uses predefined programs or input the parameters to create custom programs via the intuitive user interface on a 7-inch color digital touchscreen: type of cover, type of paper, format. With this information, the machine self-adjusts to create the best possible binding. The operator controls all the critical steps to make a good quality book. Roughening, gluing and nipping functions are automated for precision, consistency, ease and user comfort. Pureva Smart calculates automatically the optimal pressure, speed and number of cycles for the roughening and gluing steps, as well as the nipping time for each book according to format, thickness and cover type. .

Quick auto-cleaning

Its clever system makes it easy and quick to clean or change the tank, even for non-expert users. With its cleaning setting, Pureva Smart needs only a few minutes to empty and clean its PUR glue tank.

Fastbind Pureva Smart is a fully equipped ergonomic workstation. Compact, silent, clean, and very safe, it fits in any modern digital printing environment or shop. It has been designed to ensure the best possible binding quality.  Reliable and robust, it guarantees quality and productivity for a budget-friendly investment, for all your on-demand and short to medium runs finishing needs.



  Europe / U.S.A.
Production speed Up to 180 books per hour*
Min/max binding thickness 0.1–45 mm / 0.1-1.9 inches
Max. binding length Up to 455 mm / 17.9 inches
Max. binding height Up to 335 mm / 13 inches
Max soft cover thickness** Up to 400 g/m²
Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz) 220–240 / 50–60
Max. current 5 A
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 1130 x 650 x 1350 mm / 45 x 26 x 53 inches
Weight 177 kg / 390 lbs
Approvals CE

* output rate depends on operator, book type, selected cover and glue type
** depending on material properties
Product information as of March 2020 and is subject to change without notice.

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