Hot Melt Binding

Hotmelt Binding Supplies

Fastbind hot glue Binders

Result of 35 years of experience and co-operation with paper mills and printer manufacturers. The Fastbind glue-penetration system ensures the strongest binding results even for demanding applications. Simply change out the softcover bar with the Hardcover toolkit and begin adding making hardcover books in a few seconds!

  • Professional quality built to last for decades
  • Small footprint, silent, odorless, dust free
  • Easy care: no glue pot cleaning, no special maintenance
  • Very easy to use: no special set-ups between jobs and formats

Fastbind offers you a complete supply solution:

  • Offer unique solutions to your customers
  • Superior quality competitively priced supplies
  • Developed in cooperation with world leading printer manufacturers
  • Supplies come pre-cut to the most popular sizes thus saving time and money
  • Nontoxic safe and easy to use. Anyone can begin making books

Pureva XT: Hard Cover

With the Fastbind Pureva XT, you don't need special skills or machinery to bind hard cover books.

Just insert your cover. Block it. Then insert the content between the endpapers. Turn and apply the PUR or EVA glue to the spine. Turn back and release the book. Apply pressure to form the groove on both sides. Your book is ready.

This is the perfect solution for on-demand and personalised books.

  • Easy switch between PUR and EVA glue cartridges
  • No adjustments between sizes from matchbox up to A3+.
  • No adjustments for thickness, up to 50 mm or 1.97 in
  • The only supplies needed are the endpapers.

Hot melt binding supplies can be used with

Fastbind PUREVA XT


Fastbind EVA XT


Fastbind Elite XT

Elite XT

Fastbind Elite


Fastbind Secura