Repairing books, binding yearly collections of periodicals, binding for archiving

Solutions for Archiving and Library

Fastbind benefits:

  • Repairing damaged bindings
  • Replacing damaged covers
  • Binding periodicals and magazines into volumes
  • Binding self produced documents
  • Archiving you bookkeeping documents
  • Archiving your old faxes

Repairing books

One of the most common problems in libraries is that the covers are falling off the books. In many cases, the same cover can be rebound to the book, in other cases, it makes sense to create a new cover and then rebind.

Fastbind enables easy mending simply by re-glueing the spine. Fastbind re-melts the "old hot-melt glue" and adds fresh high quality Fastbind hot-melt adhesive to the existing spine. It is also easy to make replacement covers for both soft and hard cover books.Your books that were headed for the scrap pile can now be usable for many years to come!

Bind your magazines into collections

Expensive or valuable periodicals and magazines can simply be bound into volumes and year collections using Fastbind. It is clean and simple to do and needs little skill, therefore protecting and preserving these precious sources of information and leaving funds available for even more new books.