BooXTer Zero Mini

Fastbind BooXTer Zero Mini™

Fastbind BooXTer Zero Mini
  • Highly economical and effective binder
  • Positioning guides for improved binding quality
  • Compatible with: Fastbind Case Makers, Fastbind Presso

The BooXTer Zero Mini™ is a compact binding system ideal for the most commonly made books (presentations, yearbooks, manuals, etc), and up to 8 mm (0.31") thick and in any format, up to 305 x 305 mm (12 x 12"). You can make printed hard and soft covered books, strip-back books, and more.

It includes a professional heavy duty stapler - rugged yet lightweight. The table is designed with built in book block spacing system to make the placement of the book block in the cover perfect every time!

Click here for BooXTer Zero Mini technical leaflet in PDF



BooXTer Zero Mini: Hard Cover Book

You can create premium hard cover albums on the entry-level Fastbind BooXTer Mini. Fastbind provides both plain covers and covers with a front window. Covers are available in several formats and colors. Endpapers can be white or black depending on your content.

The process is simple. Place a pair of endpapers in front and back of your content. Staple the block using the stapling guides. Position your content in the center of the cover thanks to the powerful positioning magnets. Peel off the endpapers.

Your album is ready!


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