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PUR or EVA glue Hotmelt binding

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Hot Melt Perfect Binding

Do you have difficulties in having a strong binding result? Fastbind PUREVA SMART is the optimal solution for your most difficult paper stocks!

Glue bound hard covers, soft covers, strip-back, tear-off pads Perfect Binding chart size
Perfect Binding Zoom: Spine detail

Fastbind perfect binders offer versatile book binding solutions for hard and soft cover books and presentations from under A6 to A4 or SRA3 (depending on models)

Fastbind provides a large range of perfect hot glue binders satisfying different binding needs from office presentations and traditional paperbacks to more demanding jobs such as hard cover binding or difficult, heavy or coated paper stock with PUR technology.

With all Fastbind glue binding machines, you can produce any book format from miniature to A4 or A3 Portrait and up to 40 mm (1.57") thick, without any size, thickness or format adjustment between jobs: no set-up times, no stops. This hassle-free binding process will not slow your productivity down.

All models of Fastbind binders are silent, dust free and compact. They fit in any work environment, from an office table to a printer's workshop.

The PUREVA binders use either PUR glue or EVA hotmelt glue. They bind the thickest and most difficult materials, such as highly coated stocks, with a revolutionary concept and interchangeable glue cartridges. Choose the Secura for your ordinary paper stocks or opt for a model including Fastbind’s exclusive PGO roughener for a larger range of paper types (Elite, Elite XT).


How to select your glue type


  • Ordinary and lightly coated papers
  • On-demand books in a few minutes
  • Compact, clean and silent
  • No cleaning of glue tank needed


  • Stronger and more flexible for highly coated, difficult paper stocks
  • Extremely strong binding result with sufficient adhesive curing time
  • Recommended to be used with a fume extraction system
  • Glue tank is cleaned in just a few minutes

All PUR and EVA binders are equipped with Fastbind’s innovative casing-in system for both hard and soft cover book applications.

Perfect Binders Comparison Charts

Technical characteristics for all Fastbind perfect binders

Typical binding speed     

Soft cover books: 100 books per hour
Hard cover books: 60 books per hour 

Maximal capacity (depending on operator) Up to 450 binding cycles per hour / up to 180 books per hour
Adjustment time  No adjustment needed for thickness or format (width or height)
Typical glue consumption

A4 Portrait book (spine length 297 mm), thickness 5 mm: 66 books with 1 dl (or 100 g) of glue
A4 Portrait book (spine length 297 mm), thickness 10 mm: 33 books with 1 dl (or 100 g) of glue
A4 Portrait book (spine length 297 mm), thickness 20 mm: 16 books with 1 dl (or 100 g) of glue

Glue application method Fastbind glue contact roller / glue penetration to spine with gravity
Supported glue types EVA: Fastbind Hot melt type 5.1
PUR: Henkel PUR 3317
Adhesive recommendations PUR: cleaning of glue tank after use required. takes a few minutes.
EVA : no cleaning of glue tank required.
Roughener New dust free PGO (Paper Grain Opening System) roughener, optimized for both PUR and EVA binding.

Which model do you need ?

  Pureva Smart Pureva Neo Eva XT Elite XT Elite Secura
Max. Format A3+ A3+ A3+ A3+ A4 + A4 +
Max book height 455 (17.9") 455 (17.9") 455 (17.9") 455 (17.9") 320 (12.6") 320 (12.6")
Max book width 320 (12.6") 320 (12.6") 320 (12.6") 320 (12.6") 235 (9.25") 235 (9.25")
Binding thickness 0,1 - 50 mm 0,1 - 50 mm  0,1 - 50 mm  0,1 - 50 mm  0,1 - 40 mm 0,1 - 40 mm
Installation Stand-alone Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop
EVA hotmelt glue Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PUR glue Yes Yes - - - -
Roughening Automated Manual Manual Manual Manual -
Gluing Automated Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Nipping Automated Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual


List of accessories with product codes

  Pureva Smart Pureva Neo    Eva   XT      Elite  XT       Elite           Secura    
Cover trimmer H10            707003 707003
Hardcover toolkit 707045 707002 707041 707002 707001 707001
Purex Fume extractor  792100 792100        
Active filter 792101 792101        
Pre-filter for Purex 792102 792102        
EVA upgrade kit 707046