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Print sector: Benefit from your finishing business

Print Sector

Take advantage of high quality short runs with Fastbind!

Full range of profitable end products to add to your portfolio.

Faced with shorter production runs and growing demand for customized products, commercial digital printers need to set themselves apart in order to keep their marketplace. Versatile Fastbind solutions add value to their services. Enter new markets by offering profitable on-demand products and high quality finishing.

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Increase your profits

Add book and album production to your current finishing operations

Samples of Books for the Print Sector


Fastbind benefits for commercial printers:

  • From on-demand to medium run soft and hard cover binding
  • New products = New customers = More profit
  • Professional yet profitable results 
  • Versatile, quick and easy-to-use solutions

Faced to low margins and high competition, printers need to differentiate themselves. The growing demand for entirely personalized products generate new profitable avenues for profit. printers can easily start offering customized products in short runs in addition to their traditional production. Fastbind allows them a great possibility to make benefits with on-demand bindings, covers and cases with no need for special skills or time taking process. New profitable markets are easily integrated while keeping the control on the quality and meeting deadlines.

With Fastbind your digital machinery is brought to its best potential.

Casematic H46 Pro: Hard Cover Book

Personalised, custom printed hard cover, made on demand or in small quantities, is no longer a luxury. This added value item is the the fastest growing segment on the binding field.

With Fastbind Casematic H46 Pro you produce customized hard covers in minutes - using your design, your printer, your imagination!

The finished cover can be any size or orientation, up to 1040 x 490 mm (open cover)

Fastbind can supply all the consumables for your covers, from tacking paper in sheets or rolls to the grey boards and spines.