FotoMount Technology

The Revolutionary Mountinglift™ System

1. After printing, crease the pictures in the center.*

2. Bind the creased pictures into a block with Fastbind mounting supplies. Secure the block through the binding process with two magnet clamps, and use the Mountinglift for smooth and accurate positioning. Use a cutter / guillotine to trim the block. **

3. Place the cover guide on FotoMount F32 and use the cover positioning holders to secure the cover on its place. Mount the trimmed block to the cover by removing the silicon papers from the end sheets. Your deluxe photo album is ready!

* For optimized creasing, we recommend Fastbind creasers (not included)

** Guillotine not included Product information as of May 2008 and is subject to change without notice.

Fastbind Mountinglift system
Fastbind Mountinglift™