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BooXTer Binding

BooXTer Binding for hard covers, soft covers, and strip-back books
BooXTer binding chart size

Compatible with double-sided printing

  • Supports any format from miniature to A3 Portrait and books up to 8 mm/0.31" thick (20 mm/0.78" with BooXTer Zero Max).
  • Ready-made cover selection includes hard and soft covers in common international and photographic book formats with standard 8 mm/0.31" spine thickness.
  • Compatible with coated papers and even plastic pouches
  • By adding the Fastbind Casematic product line you can make personalized hard covers in any format and spine thickness, which can then be bound on our hot melt perfect binders. See how to make custom hard covers here!

More than 90% of photobooks and company presentations are thinner than 10 mm/0.39". Fastbind BooXTer Binding machines offer the easiest methods of binding these kind of books to Hard and Soft Cover Books and Stripe-backs.


BooXTer Personalized Hard Cover Books

With the BooXTer series of binders, you can make a versatile number of fully or partially personalized hard cover books up to 160 pages* thick (up to 400 pages* using Fastbind BooXTer Zero Max). All Fastbind supplies you need is a pair of BooXTer End SheetsPrintable Tacking Sheet and the Custom Cover Materials.

Fastbind offers two solutions for customized hard covers:


BooXTer Hard Cover BooksBooXTer Hard Cover Books with Multiple Formats

* Page count may vary depending on the used paper type.

BooXTer Standard Hard Cover Books

The BooXTer series has a wide selection of ready-made hard covers. These high-quality and durable leather imitation covers require no case maker. All BooXTer hard covers have standard 8.5 mm/0.33" spine that suits for content up to 160 pages* thick. A pair of BooXTer End Sheets needed to attach the block to the cover are also included in the package.

Fastbind solutions for standard, ready-made hard covers:

* Page count may vary depending on the used paper type. 160 pages equals 80 two sided printed sheets.

BooXTer Standard Cover Book Samples

BooXTer Soft Cover Books

All Fastbind BooXTer binders suit well for soft cover book production up to 160 pages* thick (400 pages* using Fastbind BooXTer Zero Max).

There is selection of soft covers available:

BooXTer Soft Cover Book Samples


* Page count may vary depending on paper type used

User type For digital printers, copy shops, on-demand publishers and any company producing marketing or training materials, reports, catalogues, etc.
Sheet size Zero Mini: 105 x 105 mm - 450 x 450 mm / 4.1 x 4.1 inches - 17.7 x 17.7 inches
Zero Max: 105 x 105 mm - 450 x 450 mm / 4.1 x 4.1 inches - 17.7 x 17.7 inches

105 x 105 mm - 450 x 450 mm / 4.1 x 4.1 inches - 17.7 x 17.7 inches

Standard cover options Stripe backs, printed soft covers and binding without cover
Extended Cover Options Standard and printed hard covers (no cover setter required) Standard and printed hard covers
Machine operation Manual Electric
Binding Thickness Zero Mini: Normal stock up to 8 mm / 0.3”;
Zero Max:
Normal stock up to 20 mm / 0.79”;
Normal stock up to 8 mm / 0.3”; coated stock up to 5 mm / 0.2”
Compatible with Fastbind Casemakers, Creasers and Presso.