Casematic Smart a46z

Fastbind Casematic Smart a46z™

Fastbind Casematic a46z
The Casematic a46z is a semi-automated Fastbind case maker. It is intended for very small to extra-large format hard covers: you can produce cases from under A6 to over 476 x 476 mm under one minute with no set-up time. You make book covers, ring binders, luxury cases, wall art or photo album covers. This is the perfect case making solution for all your on-demand, short and medium runs finishing needs.

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Casematic a46z Built-in edge folding unit

Built-in edge folding unit

Built-in edge folding unit

Fastbind Casematic a46z also integrates a user-friendly edge-folding unit, with an adjustable roller gap for an easier operation.

Other applications

The original design of the Fastbind Casematic a46a allow not only to create book covers, but any other fully decorated hard cases: CD and DVD cases, restaurant menus, and more.

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Fastbind Casematic a46z Corner Cutter

Corner Cutter

Casematic a46z Quick change spacers

Spine & Back guide


Corner Cutter

The optional corner cutter allows you to cut the four corners precisely each and every time, no mistakes and no training required!

Side and Back Guide

The side and back guide makes registration of solid cover material, like material and leathers, easier in an on-demand finishing environment!

Extra Spine Guides

Extra spine guides increase the range of applications to include personalized CD and DVD cases, punch & bind hard covers, and more.



Max. book finished size 476 x 476 mm, with 60 mm spine
Voltage 220–240 V / 110–115 V
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max Current 2 A
Machine Dimensions, top shelf in rear position (W x D x H) 1160 x 700 x 288 mm
Weight 44 kg
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.