Casing-In Sheet

Fastbind Casing-In Sheetâ„¢

Casing-in Sheet
  • Transform your soft cover book into a value-added hard cover book
  • Printable material for customized end papers
  • Free-floating spine for flat opening and stronger durability
  • Combine with Fastbind Presso for perfect finished product
  • Compatible with any Fastbind or third-party perfect binders

The pioneering Fastbind Casing-in sheetâ„¢ transforms any soft cover book into a valuable hard cover book. It enables you to attach a hard cover to the bound block made with your existing glue binder. The Fastbind Casing-In Sheetâ„¢ is very different from a standard endpaper: It is in between the end sheet and the cover, never to be seen. So, the end papers of your book (front and back) can be colored, printed and even foiled or laminated!