Hot Melt Binding

Hot Melt Binding

The list of perfect bound books, made using Fastbind hot glue method, can be long:

  • Soft cover books and paperbacks
  • Hardcover books
  • Band or stripe-back books
  • Lay-flat books
  • Tear-off pads
  • Repaired books

Perfect Binding layer structure

Perfect binding still remains one of the most versatile binding methods available. Being quick and economical, hot melt binding is used everywhere: professional printing houses, binderies, copy shops, offices etc.

With Fastbind system, hardcover books are now also possible for very small to medium runs, with no setup times from one format to other or even switching from soft cover to hard cover. Personalized hardcover binding is easily made on table top machines with no special training.

New Fastbind hot glue binders use PUR glue as well as EVA with minimum time for cleaning and maintenance. Check below to decide which glue may be best for your needs.


How to select your glue type


  • Ordinary and lightly coated papers
  • On-demand books in a few minutes
  • Compact, clean and silent
  • No cleaning of glue tank needed


  • Stronger and more flexible for highly coated, difficult paper stocks
  • Extremely strong binding result with sufficient adhesive curing time
  • Recommended to be used with a fume extraction system
  • Glue tank is cleaned in just a few minutes

All PUR and EVA binders are equipped with Fastbind’s innovative casing-in system for both hard and soft cover book applications.