Hot Melt Binding

Hot Melt Binding


Fastbind Perfect Binding

for Versatile Hard & Soft Cover Books

Fastbind perfect binders offer the most versatile solution for double-sided documents.

You can bind both soft and hard cover books up to 50 mm thick and SRA3 format without special settings. For thicker or coated paper stocks, choose a model with Fastbind’s exclusive PGO paper roughener which ensures a strong result regardless of the paper type.

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Versatile Solution for Soft and Hard Cover Books

The list of perfect bound books, made using Fastbind hot melt method, can be long:

  • Soft covered books
  • Hardcover books
  • Stripe-back books
  • Tear – off pads
  • Repaired books

All of exeptional quality, made fast and economical.

Perfect binding still remains one of the most versatile binding methods available. Being quick and economical, hot melt bindings are used everywhere - professional printing houses, binderies, copy shops, offices etc.

Fastbind brought perfect binding into the new era - hard covered books are now possible to make from very small to medium runs, there are no setup times when switching from one format to other or even switching from soft cover to hard cover. Personalized hardcover bindings are easily made on table top machines and with no special training.