Fastbind Supplies

Supplies for Case making

Fastbind case making supplies for Fastbind Casematic™ machines are part of the Fastbind Coverself™ supplies program. The product family consists of printable tacking sheets (laser or inkjet) in several formats, grey boards, blank cases and laminating materials.

Tacking Sheets are laser or inkjet printable sheets that you print and wrap around the grey boards to make the cover. Grey Boards or Blank Cases are the stiff board that makes up the inside of a hard cover. Laminating is needed to protect the printed tacking sheet for environmental and durability reasons. Fastbind LamiFree™ tacking sheet is made of special material that doesn't have to be laminated.

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  • Speed up your work with materials pre-cut to exact size
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Supplies for Hot Melt binding

Perfect Binding samples: hard cover, soft cover, strip-back books and tear-off pads

Fastbind Hot Melt supplies include all the binding materials and standard covers for PUR/EVA Hot Melt Perfect Binders. It is recommended to use Fastbind Hot Melt Adhesive™ in the machines to guarantee the best result.

Full customization can be achieved with Casematic™ series.

Supply types include:

Supplies for BooXTer binding

BooXTer samples: hard cover, soft cover and strip-back books

Fastbind Supplies for the BooXTer family of binders include all the necessary materials for linear side-staple binding. The product family consists of binding materials and standard covers for hard & soft cover book production with all BooXTer series machines.

Custom covers can be made using either Fastbind Casematic™ case makers.

Supply types include:

Supplies for FotoMount binding

Completely Flat Fotomount album

The Fastbind FotoMount™ supplies product line consist of standard covers and binding supplies for covers & content.

With Fastbind FotoMount products you can create premium tailor-made photobooks from photographic paper, card, laminated material, copy paper and basically any prints.

Finalize the album with stunning printed hard covers made with Fastbind Casematic™ case makers.

Supply types include: