Machine accessories

Fastbind Corner Cutter Ha10™

Fastbind Casematic Corner Cutter Ha10
  • Speed up your work
  • Constant sharp cuts
  • Easy to clean

To make a perfect hard cover or case, you need to cut the corners at an exact 45 degree angle, 3 mm form the edge, to get the consistent professional results your customers demand. Fastbind Corner cutter Ha10™ allows you to cut the four corners of your cover in an even and accurate way. It is adjustable according to the thickness of the cover boards. The new design makes it easy to clean the cutting blades. The Ha10 is compatible with all Fastbind Casematics.


Fastbind Back/Side Guides™

 Fastbind Casematic Back and Side Guides™  
  • Easier positioning of opaque materials
  • Faster operation for larger quantities
  • Ergonomic design

The magnetic side guides help with the positionning and registration of the cover for solid and/or opaque materials (leather, canvas...),  when printing of the positionning marks is not possible or when the light table can't be used. These specially shaped powerful magnets help the operator line up the cover and boards. With the side and back guides, you can pre-position the spine and boards, and then use the guides to fix the position for that and additional covers! They come as accessory for all the case makers in the Fastbind Casematic line.


Fastbind Quick Change Spacers™

Fastbind Quick Change Spacers for Case making


  • Fastbind Casematic case makers come with standard 8 mm spacers
  • A Spacers set includes: 10, 12, 14, and 16 mm
  • Sold also seperately: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 mm



Different kinds of books require different spacing needs between the spine and boards. Standard opening for a book cover is 8 mm. But oversized books or photo albums may require a different gap. With the Fastbind quick change spacer set, you can make any book cover or case imaginable, from CD cases, custom printed hard covers, restaurant menus, ring binders and much much more by just changing the spacers on any of our Casematic case makers! The default setting for a hard cover book is a 8 mm groove. But other applications (like photobooks) may require a larger groove.