Standard Covers

Fastbind PrintMount Covers™

Fastbind PrintMount Covers
  • Hard Covers with glue sheet for cover print mounting
  • Compatible with Fastbind BooXTer and FotoMount Binding
  • Cover prints can be printed also with small format printers
  • Optimal cover for copy shops, offices and photo labs

Use the new Fastbind PrintMount Covers to make personalized hardcover books quickly and easily. Covers have a glue sheet in the front cover for easy mounting of cover prints. You can make personalized covers even with a standard A4 printer or small photo lab.


Fastbind BooXTer Standard Hard Covers

Fastbind BooXTer Standard Hard Covers
  • Pre-made covers offer the fastest and most efficient way to finish a hard covers binding.
  • The surface of Fastbind Manager hard covers can be foil printed

Fastbind Manager Hard Covers for BooXTer Binders are available in 9.5 mm spine thickness for content up to 8 mm. Some landscape and square covers are also available with a keyhole window. Standard colors for these Manager hard covers are black, dark blue, dark red, and white.