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CD / DVD Cases

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Can all be made using:

With Fastbind Casemaker making CD and DVD envelopes is easy. Every cover can be personalized and matched to the design of other items – photo albums, ring binders, corporate design,  etc.You can also personalize the inner opening (for example with a table of content, list of songs...)

Customized CD Cases

The applications are limitless:

  • Product catalogues
  • User manuals
  • Interactive training materials
  • Wedding photos and videos
  • Baby and family memories
  • Music and musical dummies
  • Records of seminars
  • Corporate presentations
  • Business plans

List of materials:

To produce your own personalized hard cover for a book, you will need a Casematic case maker and a few supplies:

Click here to learn how to plan your design and measure your grey boards for your CD format. You can create cases for one, two, three, four,or even six CDs.