Punch Bind Books

Punch Bind Books

Personalized punch - bind books

With Fastbind you can utilize your existing spiral or plastic comb binding machine for new products! By creating personalized hard covers with Fastbind Casematic you can give your wire, spiral or comb bindings a more dignified look and increase their lifetime.

Elegant Punch Bind Books

The applications are limitless:

  • Documents and proposals
  • Company presentations
  • User manuals
  • Training materials
  • Scrap books
  • Catalogues.

List of materials:

To produce your own personalized hard cover for a book, you will need a Casematic case maker and a few supplies:

  • 2 x printable adhesive sheets (front and back)
  • 2 x grey boards, cut to size
  • 1 x spine stick, cut to size
  • 1 x pre-bound content