Personalized Hard Covers

Case making solutions: easy and profitable

Fastbind case makers have been designed for short runs and on-demand print finishing.

You produce a cover per minute or over 50 hard covers per hour, including cutting the 4 corners with the corner cutter. Any size is possible up to extra large 470 x470 mm.

Any cover can be different from the previous one with variable data printing and without any set-up time between jobs.

 Add value to your books

By adding a Fastbind Casematic case maker to your binding solution, you double the value of books and documents with a professional look and a unique cover design.


Add value to other products

Even without a perfect binding finishing, case making adds value to many ordinary products from personalised ring binders to wrapping a punch-bound document in a dignified hard cover. With imagination, you can also use it for a full array of products from wall art and displays to beer coasters and CD cases.

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