Technical centers

Our technical repair depots back up our dealer network and their technical staff, and offer training and depot level repair of all Fastbind products. Our dealer networks, supported by Fastbind and these technical repair depots have factory trained technicians and spare parts to support you if and when you have a problem.

How long the warranty is effective

Fastbind warrants their machines for a 1 year period from the date of purchase.

Registering your Fastbind machine will activate the Fastbind limited warranty.

Who the warranty protects

Fastbind warranty program is valid for all Fastbind machines purchased in the US from authorized dealers by the first consumer purchaser. To see if your dealer is authorized to sell and service Fastbind products, please contact us.

What the warranty covers

Repair or replace free of charge, for the original purchaser, any part or parts found by inspection to be defective by our factory authorized service outlet or by the manufacturer at Espoo, Finland. All transportation charges on parts submitted for repair or replacement under this warranty shall be paid for by the purchaser.

All service under this warranty will be furnished and performed by factory authorized service stations or by the manufacturer. Warranty service does not extend the warranty period.

What the warranty does not cover

The warranty is limited to the value of the product and it does not cover damage caused by:

  • transportation
  • normal wear and tear
  • neglected or improper maintenance
  • misuse
  • damage caused by acts of god, war or any other type of damage caused outside the normal everyday usage of the machine by an operator who has been trained by an Authorized Fastbind Dealer.

The glue pot and its internal mechanisms are not covered under this warranty if damage is caused by foreign substances (including but not limited to dirt, paper, water, metal objects) that enter the glue pot, and the factory will make the final determination of the cause and can approve or reject the replacement under warranty at their discretion.

The warranty will be void if hot melt (dry adhesive) of any type, other than approved and recommended Fastbind hot melt is used in the machine for any reason. If you have any question if your hot melt is approved, contact us immediately.

The warranty will be voided if machine’s type plate has been wholly or partially removed or erased.

Maping Co is not responsible for any damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of material, profit or interruption of business. Maping Co may at any time discharge its warranty by refunding the purchase price and taking back the product.

This warranty is void if you purchase your machine from anyone other than a Fastbind Authorized Dealer. To confirm that your dealer is an Authorized Fastbind Dealer, contact us.

How to get service

The Authorized Fastbind dealer is responsible for making the repair and will make the arrangements with you. Fastbind will supply the Authorized Fastbind dealer with the parts necessary to make the repairs. The labor to repair the machine is at no charge to you, the transportation of the technician to your site or the cost of transportation of the machine to the dealers repair facility must be agreed upon between the customer and the Fastbind Authorized dealer.