Binding Materials

BooXTer End Sheets

BooXTer End Papers
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with both personalized and classic hard covers
  • Specially designed for durable linear stapling hard covers
  • Compatible with any stapler

Fastbind BooXTer end sheets are stapled together with the book block and attached to the inside surface of the cover. The end sheets cover the inside grey board and hold the book block into the cover, giving you an elegant professional look and a floating spine type binding. They come in multiple sizes and several of them are available with a pre-cut window. You need a front and a back (pair) end sheet with each hard cover.


Binding Stripes for BooXTer

BooXTer Spine Stripes
  • A strong bind every time!
  • No hole punching required
  • Compatible with any stapler

Fastbind BooXTer binding stripes allow you to bind with two separate covers (for front and back). You can even create a nice looking binding without any cover. Fastbind BooXTer Stripes are designed for stable binding with all BooXTer machines. They are available in black imitation leather. Max. binding thickness is 8 mm.


BooXTer Staples

BooXTer Staple Boxes

Fastbind also provides the cassettes of staples in various formats for the BooXTer line of linear staplers, including staples No 8 and Staples No 10.