Fully Personalized Albums

Photo Albums

Using Fastbind’s unique FotoMount system, you can make high quality professional grade lay-flat mounted photo albums. These high end products, usually purchased by photographers and photo labs to re-sell to their clients, gives them complete control as well as the ability to increase their delivery times en and maximize their profits.

Panoramic Photo Albums

The FotoMount photo album is designed to take single sided prints or “spreads”, prints that span across both left or right-hand sides of the book and place them back to back with a thin or thick mounting sheet,giving them the 180 degree lay-flat panoramic opening as well as that luxurious feel that are associated with these type of albums.

The print is creased and folded in half. The print is then placed onto the mounting sheet using the patented Fastbind FotoMount lifting system to place and align the prints and mounting boards perfectly. Once finished, you trim the book to bleed-marks and join with the custom printed hard cover you have made with the Fastbind Casematic H32 Pro or H46 Pro.

Fastbind Casematic H32 Pro

If you are a photo lab, mini lab or photo professional, you can bring your photo album production in house, giving you maximum control of both the design, quality and delivery time as well as maximizing the profit you can make off your print images.

Creaser C500: Page Creasing

With the manual Fastbind C500, you get a high quality crease even on photographic prints, up to 500 mm long.

This is the optimum creasing solution for on-demand and short runs operations.

The Fastbind C500 can crease up to 400 g/m² (225 index) stock or photo paper. Regardless of the stock, the handle lifts easily for a consistent and smooth crease.

Depending on your needs, you can even adjust the C500 to consistently give a deeper or shallower crease.