Binding Materials

Fastbind Casing-In Sheet™

Casing-in Sheet
  • Transform your soft cover book into a value-added hard cover book
  • Printable material for customized end papers
  • Free-floating spine for flat opening and stronger durability
  • Combine with Fastbind Presso for perfect finished product
  • Compatible with any Fastbind or third-party perfect binders

The pioneering Fastbind Casing-in sheet™ transforms any soft cover book into a valuable hard cover book. It enables you to attach a hard cover to the bound block made with your existing glue binder. The Fastbind Casing-In Sheet™ is very different from a standard endpaper: It is in between the end sheet and the cover, never to be seen. So, the end papers of your book (front and back) can be colored, printed and even foiled or laminated!


End Papers for Hot Melt Hard Cover

End Papers for Hot Melt Hard Cover

Fastbind end papers are glued together with the perfect bound book block and cover the inner surface of the hard cover, after the book has been bound. These sheets are available in several standard sizes, including A4 portrait and landscape, letter and A3.


Manager Strips for Hotmelt binding

Fastbind Manager Strips for Hotmelt binding

Fastbind Manager Strips are made of high quality leather imitation material. They allow you to use loose sheets for the front and back covers instead of wrap-around card. Use these strips with Fastbind perfect binding machines (Secura and Elite).The three standard sizes allow you to bind up to 13, 26 or 40 mm thick, in A4 Portrait.


Lay-Flat Strips™

Fastbind Lay-Flat Strips for Perfect Binding
  • Patented canvas strips for free-floating spine
  • Excellent flat opening feature
  • Easy to use
  • Superior binding strength
  • Compatible with all Fastbind hot melt binders

Fastbind Lay-Flat Strips™ are patented canvas strips allowing to bind your hard or soft cover with the free-floating spine method. Use the Fastbind Lay-Flat Strips with Fastbind Hot glue binders (Secura and Elite)


EVA & PUR Adhesive

Fastbind EVA and PUR hot melt glue

EVA Adhesive ingredients:

  • ~35% Resin: adhesion qualites
  • ~35% Wax: viscosity, speed, melting point
  • ~25% EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate): resistance, tenacity
  • <5% Other ingredients: antioxidants, pigments, stablizing

Fastbind EVA hot melt adhesive is a strong adhesive made especially for Fastbind perfect binders. It is odorless and tested for workplace safety. It is recommended to use Fastbind Hot Melt Glue™ in Fastbind Perfect Binders to guarantee the best result. Fastbind EVA glue is tested to be safe on the workplace.

Fastbind PUR glue comes in granules. It requires a well ventilated place of a fume extractor.