Case Making

Case Making Supplies

Make custom printed hard cover's, On-Demand!

If you need to create quality hard covers or cases quickly and economically, the Fastbind Casematic product line is for you. These compact, innovative table-top units make it easy to create:

  • Custom hard covers for books
  • Ring binders & Punch binding
  • Cases for CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs
  • And much more!

Fastbind offers you a complete supply solution:

  • Offer higher margin products to your customers
  • Superior quality competitively priced supplies
  • Developed in cooperation with world leading printer manufacturers
  • Supplies come pre-cut to the most popular sizes thus saving time and money
  • Nontoxic safe and easy to use. Anyone can begin making books

Casematic H46 Pro: Hard Cover Book

Personalised, custom printed hard cover, made on demand or in small quantities, is no longer a luxury. This added value item is the the fastest growing segment on the binding field.

With Fastbind Casematic H46 Pro you produce customized hard covers in minutes - using your design, your printer, your imagination!

The finished cover can be any size or orientation, up to 1040 x 490 mm (open cover)

Fastbind can supply all the consumables for your covers, from tacking paper in sheets or rolls to the grey boards and spines.

Case Making supplies can be used with

Casematic H32Pro

Casematic H32Pro

Casematic H46Pro

Casematic H46Pro