Tips & Techniques

Make a Custom Printed Hard Cover

Print your cover design on Fastbind's cover tacking sheet

With laser printer

Laser printable tacking sheet

With inkjet printer

Inkjet Printable tacking sheet or roll

Finish the hardcover or case using Fastbind's Casemaker by positioning the grey boards and wrapping them into cover tacking sheet, making a custom printed hard cover in less than a minute!


Fastbind Binding Options

Hot Melt Binding

For double-sided prints

Paperback Novels

Bind the pages to the cover using a Fastbind Hot Melt binder and Fastbind Hot Melt End papers.

Perfect Binding Zoom: Spine detail

For all kinds of books up to 1000 pages!

Watch the Fastbind Hot Melt Binder Video

BooXTer Binding

For double-sided prints

Paperback Books

Bind the pages to the cover using a Fastbind BooXTer binder and Fastbind BooXTer End Sheets

BooXTer Zoom: Spine Detail

Well-known stength of stapled binding!

Watch the Fastbind BooXTer Binder Video

FotoMount Binding

For single-sided prints

FotoMount Binding

  1. Crease your one side continuous spread-sized prints in half using Fastbind Creaser
  2. Mount the prints onto the Fastbind FotoMount Mounting Sheet and finish the book block by Fastbind FotoMount Mounting process using FotoMount End Sheets
  3. Attach the block to the cover by FotoMount system and finish you lay flat mounted album!

FotoMount Zoom: Spine Detail

Best for lay flat photo albums!

Watch the Fastbind Fotomount Binder Video