The most versatile binding system available today!

Add profitable products to your operations with short and medium run soft/hard cover books!

Add Ring Binders to your Services

By adding on-demand finishing to your operations:

  • You can respond to your clients urgent short run needs
  • You can make sales samples easily and quickly
  • You don't say "no" to short runs
  • You don't have set up times for short runs
  • You don't need to outsource your finishing
  • You can keep control of the full process
  • You can reduce your costs
Be Productive on demand and in small series
High quality output. With Fastbind perfect binding you always get high quality, professional binding, even with coated stock!

It's versatile. Fastbind equipment allows you to offer and develop new business opportunities. You can bind books in soft or hard covers, from 2 to 500 pages, without any set-up time between jobs, whatever format and thickness. Any operator can perfect-bind books on demand in 20 seconds.

Reduce your costs by keeping finishing in-house! You save the transportation costs to the bindery, the packing time and most important, you keep the quality under control and shorten your delivery times to the customers!

Casematic H46 Pro: Hard Cover Book

Personalised, custom printed hard cover, made on demand or in small quantities, is no longer a luxury. This added value item is the the fastest growing segment on the binding field.

With Fastbind Casematic H46 Pro you produce customized hard covers in minutes - using your design, your printer, your imagination!

The finished cover can be any size or orientation, up to 1040 x 490 mm (open cover)

Fastbind can supply all the consumables for your covers, from tacking paper in sheets or rolls to the grey boards and spines.