Machine accessories

Fastbind Hardcover Tool Kit™

Fastbind Hardcover toolkit
  • Speed up your work
  • Easy placement for correct offset
  • Nipping tools for hard and soft covers

The hardcover toolkit consists of a hardcover nipping bar and a special paper guide. They make it possible for you to bind hard cover books with your Fastbind binding machine. Two different models are available depending on your fastbind perfect glueing machine: one for A4+ size devices (Secura, Elite) and one for A3 size binders (Elite XT)


Fastbind Cover trimmer™

Fastbind Cover trimmer
  • Quick trimming of excess for soft covers
  • Designed to allow one soft cover size for all book thicknesses

The optional cover trimmers, designed for A4+ size binders (Fastbind Secura and Elite), are very easy to use and eliminate the need to measure and set-up a cumbersome guillotine trimmer. This is the perfect solution for administrations and office-type environment.