Fully Personalized Books


Hard Cover Photo Books

The entire photographic market is experiencing a tremendous revolution, and your digital printer is at the heart! The quality of your digital laser printer/press is now so good, Photo books are an easy addition and can add big profits directly to your bottom line!

With Fastbind, you preserve the wonderful memories of families and corporations and converts your hard disk of digital images into stylish albums or books.

Photographic applications:

  • Wedding albums and accessory books
  • School club activities
  • Athletic activities
  • Proms
  • Holiday albums
  • Actors and models portfolio and press books
  • Reports of events such as exhibitions, seminars, contract signatures, etc.
  • Artistic albums (shooting landscapes, still life or portraits)
  • Memory or Legacy Albums

Casematic H46 Pro: Ring Binder

With Fastbind Casematic H46 Pro, you can do much more that just hard covers for books.

One of the most successful application of the Fastbind case makers, outside of book covers, is the ring binder.

You produce the cover, as you would for a book and then also apply a printed adhesive sheet on the inside. Then, just mount the mechanism and your unique binder is ready!