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Fastbind manufactures the most innovative well designed machines and supplies in the market today! Fastbind, your choice for making on-demand soft and hard cover books personalized hard covers, ring binders, cases and much more!

How to select your binder

Hot Melt Perfect Binding

Fastbind Perfect Binding End Product
Fastbind Perfect Binding Book Size Chart

Fastbind Perfect Binding machines offer the greatest amount of versatility and are generally used in Print Shops where there is a need for flexibility in terms of size, thickness and product type. Hot Melt Glue offers the widest range of book thickness (up to 50 mm / 1.9") and is one of the only Perfect Binders in the market that can be used to produce hard and soft cover books, strip-back books and tear-off pads.

Compatible with double-sided printing.

  • Supports any format from miniature to A3/Ledger Portrait and up to 50 mm / 1.97" thick.
  • You can add Fastbind's Casematic or Case Express Case maker to make custom printed hard covers, on demand!
  • Fastbind's unique Paper grain roughening process enables you to use coated stock and other hard to bind paper!

Best all around versatile binding solution!

BooXTer Binding

Fastbind Side Staple binding End Product
Fastbind BooXTer Binding Book Size Chart

Simply the best binding for photo books, Fastbind's BooXTer Series of binders use Linear Side Stitch/Staple to ensure 100% binding strength, no matter the paper. Bind your photo books professionally with the knowledge that not one book will ever come apart!

Compatible with double-sided printing.

  • Supports any format from miniature to A3 Portrait and books up to 10 mm / 0.39" thick (and up to 20 mm / 0.79") with BooXTer Zero Max).
  • Pre-made hard and soft cover's are available in different sizes, colors and formats using 8 mm / 0.31" spine thickness.
  • The BooXTer Binding family can bind just about any paper, any coating, grain or texture, including plastic insert and photo pouches!
  • You can add Fastbind's Case Express or Casematic Case maker to make custom printed hard covers, on demand!

Best Photo book binding solution!

FotoMount Binding

Fastbind FotoMount Binding End ProductFastbind FotoMount Binding Size Chart

Fastbind FotoMount Binding are used for making high end photo lay flat mounted albums, and are often found in professional photo labs and studios.

Compatible with single-sided printing.

  • The FotoMount uses a singles side continuous spread print of any paper you choose, with no center break and both thin (200 mic) and thick (850 mic) formats are available in all sizes.
  • Supports any book format from miniature to 46 x 46 cm (18 x 18") and up to 80 mm / 3.14" thick, including all popular sizes like 11 x 8.5, 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 11 x 14 up to 18 x 18 !
  • Ready-made covers include hard covers in 30 x 30 cm (11.8 x 11.8") with 33-52 cm (12.9 x 20.47") spine.
  • Both Pre-made covers sizes of 30 x 30 cm (11.8 x 11.8") with 33-52 cm (12.9 x 20.47") spine and custom made covers of any size made on the Fastbind Casematic or Case Express series case maker can be used.

Best Premium Album binding solution!


How to select your Case Maker

Casematic Series

Case making for hard cover books, CD cases, ring binders and more

The Fastbind Casematic family of case makers give you ultimate control over the size, thickness and materials you want to use to make any cover imaginable!

The Casematic series of case makers includes versatile multi-purpose tables that make it easy to create custom hard covers for books, ring binders, cases for CD/DVDs, and much more. You can produce high quality cases and covers in any format and spine thicknesses.



Creasing for soft covers, cards, invitations and photo paper

A strong, precise crease is the foundation for a quality product. Fastbind’s creasing machines allow you to crease your jobs easily and accurately, without expensive set-up time and tooling required.

Fastbind offers affordable creasers to produce cardssoft covers and more. We have also designed a specialized photo creaser for difficult paper types commonly used for high quality photographic prints. Combined with Fastbind FotoMount Binders, Fastbind creasers give you a perfect crease, on-demand!


Other finishing machines

Fastbind Presso Groove maker

Fastbind has developed specialized machines designed to improve your finishing, depending on your needs!

The Fastbind Presso™ creates high-quality grooves (gaps between the spine and the front/back boards in hard covers) in hard cover books, giving the books an elegant traditional and professional look. The Presso™ is a thermal press designed to enhance grooves quickly and easily.