Bound Books

Hardcover Books

The applications are limitless:

  • Deluxe company presentations
  • Novels, short stories, poetry and memoirs
  • Personalized children's books and stories
  • Photo books, anniversary books etc.
  • Premium catalogues (art, boats, jewellery…)
  • Custom comic or art books
  • Student thesis and dissertations

Personalised, custom printed hard covers, in small quantities, are no longer a luxury. It is the fastest growing segment on the binding field. 

Personalised covers add value to your services and provide „competitive edge“ against your competitors, especially in amarket where customers request top finishing quality to match the premium paper and customized content.

With Fastbind case makers you make personalised hard covers in minutes – using your own design and printing machinery! It is easy, cost effective and profitable. You need it today to compete for your customers.