BooXTer Binding

BooXTer Binding

Extreme Binding Strength for Books


For double-sided prints, Fastbind BooXTer line of binders ensure an extremely solid result thanks to its innovative side-stapling method.

Perfectly suitable for coated and photographic stocks, the BooXTer line binds up to 8 mm thick books and photo albums in all formats, including oversized hard covers.

Hard Cover Books | Soft Cover Books | Standard Cover Books


Personalized BooXTer Books

BooXTer technology:

  • Enables to bind almost any material
  • Is quick, easy and safe to use
  • Offers formats from miniature to XXXL
  • Guarantees that books made to last for decades

Demanding strength and durability of the books BooXTer binding is for you. Fastbind BooXTer line uses a unique concept of precision side - staple binding. Being very easy to make, BooXTer bindings are economical yet professional looking.

Create professional quality company reports, catalogues, yearbooks, books and much more.