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with Fastbind’s easy-to-use table-top units !

Finishing Solutions for Printers
Finishing Solutions for Photo Labs
Finishing Solutions for Offices

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Versatile Finishing Solution

Fastbind offers a complete range of cost-effective finishing solutions for both commercial printing and in-house environment.

Thanks to our versatile and innovative equipments, a premium presentation is easily bound in a professional customized hard cover, as easily as a traditional soft cover binding. Fastbind means multiple applications, no set-ups, no production stops, co complicated control panels: an easy operation and high quality results without expensive investments or massive machinery.

While printers and photographs can produce high margined end-products and differentiate themselves through customized on-demand service, companies, administrations or even schools ensure that their in-house documents reflect the corporate quality of their work passing down a valuable image of their institution.

Solutions for the Graphic Sector

Print Sector

Take advantage from high quality short runs with Fastbind!

Full range of profitable end products to add to your service.

Faced to shorter product runs and growing demand for customized products, printers need to differentiate themselves in order to guarantee their marketplace. With versatile Fastbind solutions they add value to their service and enter new markets by offering profitable on-demand production and high quality finishing.

Theses | Portfolios | Photo books | Presentations | Essays | Catalogues | Manuals | Projects | Offers

Solutions for the Photographic Sector

Photo Sector

Profitable photo book production brought in-house!

Magnify your photo prints and increase your competitiveness through elegant bindings and customized hard covers!

While the photo book market is blooming and the competition is high, quality and reactivity are trumps. Fastbind gives photographers and mini labs the possibility to offer unique high margined end products and to meet deadlines by ensuring competitive in-house production at table-top prices!

Wedding albums | Holiday memories | Family photos and birth books | Yearbooks

Solutions for the Office Sector

Office & Government

Versatile binding applications for every need!

With Fastbind soft and hard cover books are made as easily as customized ring binders or simple tear-off pads.

In office sector where time is precious and budgets are restricted, finishing must be quick and easy – work is what’s essential. This is why Fastbind offers high quality with simple process and low investment. Give your work the value it deserves with Fastbind binding and case making solutions!

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