Finance reporting

Upgrade your documents

Save time and money


  • Improve your companies image
  • Easy to use - anyone can make books
  • Compact, economical and quick - bind faster than you print
  • Flexible formats - durable and presentable results

Bind Soft and Hard Cover or Stripe back books with standard or personalized covers. Reports and presentations, training manuals, balance sheets, project specifications, catalogs,pricelists, offers, quotations, contracts, statistics and listings, archives

Elite: Soft Cover Book

With the Fastbind Elite, making a soft cover book takes less than 30 seconds.

There are no adjustments for format or thickness, from 1 to 1000 pages and up to A4+.

Fastbind Elite is equiped with our special PGO system. PGO is a silent dust-free roughening unit. It allows you to get the strongest bond even with heavy stock and coated papers.

Soft cover books can be, for example:

  • Fully printed wrap-around covers (paperback novels, A5 paperbacks)
  • Wrap-around plain ready-to-use A4 covers, full or with a window (financial reports, administrative documents)
  • Wrap-around premade A4 covers with a transparent front (student papers, office presentations)

Fastbind provides all the consumables for these three soft cover options, including printable covers.