Save time & money

Make your own books


  • Make books without specialized printing houses
  • Compact, quick and economical solution
  • Save shelf space compared to ring binders

Soft Cover, Hard Cover, Transparent Cover and Stripe back books - with standard or personalized covers.

Elite: Hard Cover Book

With the Fastbind Elite, it is easier than ever to bind hard cover books.

Just insert your cover. Block it. Insert the content between endpapers. Turn and apply the glue to the spine. Turn back and release the book. Apply pressure to form the groove on both sides. Your book is ready.

This is the perfect solution for on-demand and personalised books.

  • No adjustments between sizes from matchbox up to A4+.
  • No adjustments for thickness, up to 50 mm or 1.97 in
  • The only supplies needed are the endpapers.