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Versatile binding applications for every need!

With Fastbind, soft and hard cover books are made as easily as customized ring binders or simple tear-off pads.

In offices and administrations, time is precious and budgets are restricted, so finishing must be quick and easy – work is what’s essential. This is why Fastbind offers high quality with simple process and low investment. Give your work the value it deserves with Fastbind binding and case making solutions!

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Show your skills - save time & money

First impression is given only once!

Fastbind benefits:

  • From ultra short to medium run casemaking and binding!
  • Professional results at tabletop prices!
  • Versatile, quick and easy-to-use solutions

With Fastbind solutions, you make standard or personalized hard and soft cover documents, strip binding, pads and even ring binders economically and easily. Whether you need to create simple paper-backs or luxury presentations; with Fastbind your possibilities are unlimited!

Make sure your documents reflect the quality of your work and use Fastbind to produce professional, reliable and elegant bindings!

Elite: Tear-off Pad

With Fastbind Elite, you do not require a cover to bind your papers together. Just reuse the silicon protective sheet from an adhesive paper and use it as you would the cover. After binding, you can easily remove it from the spine. You can reuse the same silicon paper again and again to avoid waste.

You create your pad in less than 20 seconds on any Fastbind perfect binder. Use this technique for:

  • Corporate slips (orders, deliveries, etc) with carbon paper
  • Mini-message pads
  • Recycling the back of used paper for a draft tear-off block!