FotoMount F32w

Fastbind FotoMount F32w™ workstation

FotoMount F32W
  • High quality result
  • For all formats and sizes up to 310 x 316 mm (12.2˝ x 12.4˝)
  • Albums open flat – 180 degrees
  • Short production cycles
  • Professional
  • Manual operation (no electricity required)

The compact Fastbind FotoMount F32W™ Workstation is an all-in-one solution for efficient photo album production. It consists of the Fastbind FotoMount F32™ binding machine, the Ideal 4305 Guillotine with stand, the Fastbind FotoCreaser C33™ and an ergonomic rack. Your pictures and supplies can be stored in the supply shelves, and an integrated trash can helps to keep your workstation in order. This compact unit can fit naturally in any environment.



FotoMount F32 & FotoCreaser C33
The FotoCreaser C33™ can be placed on top of the FotoMount F32

The finished book opens 180 degrees
The finished book opens astonishing 180 degrees

Fastbind Mountinglift system
Fastbind Mountinglift

High-quality output

With Fastbind Work Station you create always professional and high-quality photo albums with all kind of printed materials: photographic paper, card, laminated material etc. The book cover can be either a standard cover or a digitally printed custom made cover*.

The Revolutionary Mountinglift™ System

1. After printing, crease the pictures in the center with Fastbind FotoCreaser C33™.

2. Bind the creased pictures into a block with Fastbind mounting supplies. Secure the block through the binding process with two magnet clamps, and use the Mountinglift for smooth and accurate positioning. Use the Ideal 4305 Guillotine to trim the block.

3. Place the cover guide on FotoMount F32™ and use the cover positioning holders to secure the cover on its place. Mount the trimmed block to the cover by removing the silicon papers from the end sheets. Your deluxe photo album is ready!

* For top quality personalized hard covers, we recommend Fastbind case makers (not included)

Product information as of February 2009 and is subject to change without notice.



  Europe / U.S.A.
Max print size (W x L) 630 x 321 mm / 24.8 x 12.6 inches
Min album size (W x L) 50 x 50 mm / 2 x 2 inches
Max album size (W x L) 310 x 316 mm / 12.2 x 12.4 inches
Max binding thickness 80 mm / 3 inches

Manual operation (no electricity required).
Cover guide with two cover positioning holders included.
The Fastbind Rack Fa32r is also sold separately.
Fastbind Mountinglift system: patents pending.
Product information as of February 2009 and is subject to change without notice.