Express Mini

Fastbind Express Mini™

Fastbind Express Mini
  • Ultra-compact, portable book binding station
  • Up to 12x12 in / 305x305 mm book format
  • Binds both single-sided and duplex prints
  • Creasing and folding tool included
  • Compatible with: Fastbind Presso

The new Fastbind Express Mini is a new, ultra-compact, portable bookbinding station. Make beautiful hardcover books quickly and easily, up to 12”x12” format. The Express Mini is an excellent choice for small binding needs for any office, copy shop or photo lab.

  • Click here for Express Mini technical leaflet in PDF

    Express Mini: FotoMount Binding

    Express Mini is a versatile compact entry-level solution including tools for creasing, stapling, mounting photo books and more. One of the applications of this versatile device is the FotoMount process.

    You use the Express Mini first to fold and crease your printed spreads. Then, you mimick the FotoMount process by alternating a tacking mounting sheet and a printed spread with a special end paper at the front and back of the content block.

    You can use any material for your prints, including photographic paper, card or laminated paper and you always obtain a premium photo book that opens flat with a edge-to-edge panoramic view on each page.

    Binding single-sided prints

    Making a photo album with Fastbind Express

    Spine and opening of edge-to-edge flat open photo book

    Binding single-sided prints

    Use Fastbind FotoMount binding for single-sidedprints. With the new MountingWall system, it's easy to make exclusive-looking FotoMount binding.

    180-degree-opening layflat albums

    FotoMount binding is the optimal choice for high-endbusiness portfolios and premium photo albums.


    BooXTer Binding

    Manual Linear Stapling

    Spine and opening of stapled hard cover book

    Binding duplex prints

    Use quick-and-easy BooXTer binding for duplex prints. The blue guide fingers in front ensure perfect alignment of both book block and staples.

    Strong and beautiful books

    BooXTer-bound books are stylish and durable. No worries about loose-leaf binding.


    Case making

    making a hard cover with Express mini

    Cover mounting

    Covermounting is easy and quick with preglued end sheets and position magnets. Making fully personalized wrap-around covers is easier than ever.



    Creasing a photo with Express mini


    With the ruler and position magnet you can easily crease your prints accurately by using the handheld creasing tool.



      Europe / U.S.A.
    Unit dimensions W x L x H 440 x 400 x 180 mm (17,3˝ x 15,7˝ x 7,1˝)
    Package dimensions W x L x H Approx. 480 x 440 x 120 mm (18,9˝ x 17,3˝ x 4,7˝)
    Net / gross weight 5,5 / 6 kg (12,1/13,2 lbs)
    Book format up to 305 mm x 305 mm (12" x 12")
    Binding technology for single-sided prints FotoMount binding with MountingWall system, binding thickness up to 50 mm. 3-side guillotine cut needed (guillotine not included)
    Binding technology for duplex prints Manual BooXTer side staple binding, binding thickness up to 8 mm (depending on materials).
    Creasing & folding Handheld creasing tool included. Metric / standard ruler and guide fingers for square and precise positioning.
    FotoMount binding supplies Fastbind FotoMount Mounting sheets™ form the core of the book block. Fastbind FotoMount End Sheets™ attach your book block to the cover.
    Staples for BooXTer binding Rapid SuperSTRONG 24/8+
    Standard cover sizes A4 portait, A4 landscape, 203x203, 305x305.
    BooXTer Manager Hardcovers, standard colors Black, White, Dark Red, Dark Blue
    PrintMount Covers, standard colors Manager Black and Manager White. Custom sizes and colors available upon requests.

    * IPR/patents/trademarks: Fastbind Express Mini is based on development and innovations of Maping Co. Patented/patents pending technology. Fastbind FotoMount, MountingWall and BooXTer are trademarks of Maping Co. Product information as of April 2015 and is subject to change without notice.


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