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BooXTer Personalized Hard Cover Books

With the BooXTer series of binders, you can make a versatile number of fully or partially personalized hard cover books up to 160 pages* thick (up to 400 pages* using Fastbind BooXTer Zero Max). The only Fastbind supplies you need are a pair of BooXTer end sheetsPrintable tacking sheet and the custom cover materials.

Fastbind offers two solutions for customized hard covers:


BooXTer Hard Cover Books with Multiple Formats

* Page count may vary depending on paper type.

BooXTer Standard Hard Cover Books

The BooXTer series has a wide selection of ready-made hard covers. These high-quality and durable leather imitation covers require no case maker. All BooXTer hard covers have standard 8.5 mm/0.33" spine for content up to 160 pages* thick. The pair of BooXTer End Sheets needed to attach the block to the cover is included in the package.

Fastbind solutions for standard, ready-made hard covers:

* Page count may vary depending on paper type. 160 pages equals 80 two-sided printed sheets.

BooXTer Standard Hard Cover Book Samples

BooXTer Soft Cover Books

All Fastbind BooXTer binders suit well for soft cover book production up to 160 pages* thick (400 pages* using Fastbind BooXTer Zero Max).

Fastbind has a selection of soft covers available:

  • Stripes for the spine of books with personalized front and back
  • Stripes or the spine of books with personalized front and back, including a window
  • Express Soft Covers for books with a printable front
  • Personalized wrap-around soft cover book using BooXTer End Sheets

BooXTer Soft Cover Book Samples


* Page count may vary depending on paper type used

FotoMount Personalized Hard Cover Albums

With Fastbind FotoMount binders, you can make a versatile number of fully or partially personalized hard cover books up to 80 mm/3.15" (up to 110+ flat spreads*) thick. All Fastbind supplies you need is a pair of FotoMount Binding End Sheets, one FotoMount Mounting Sheet per spread, Printable Tacking Sheet and the Custom Cover Materials to make a hard cover book.

With Fastbind there is one solution for completely customized hard covers:

* Spread count may vary depending on the used paper type and thickness of the Mounting Sheet.

FotoMount Photo Book Samples

Loose Leaf Ring Binders

Loose-leaf Ring Binders

Can all be made using:

  • Fastbind Casematic case makers

The applications are limitless:

  • Pharmaceutical documents
  • Engineering Bids
  • Architectural Documentation & Proposals
  • Proposals
  • Manuals
  • Training materials
  • Scrap books

Personalized ring binders are now easy to make!

Fastbind Casemaker series enable you to make custom printed ring binders popular in many fields – pharmaceutical, educational, business, engineering, and government!


CD / DVD Cases

Customized CD Cases

Can all be made using:

  • Product catalogues, user manuals
  • Interactive training materials
  • Wedding photos and videos
  • Baby memories and family digital pictures
  • Music and musical dummies
  • Records of speeches or seminars
  • Corporate presentations
  • Business plans

With Fastbind Casemaker making CD and DVD envelopes is easy. Every case can be personalized and matched to the design of the other items – photo albums, ring binders, corporate design etc.


Punch Bind Books

Elegant Punch Bind Books

Can all be made using:

The applications are limitless:

  • Documents and proposals
  • Company presentations
  • User manuals
  • Training materials
  • Scrap books
  • Catalogues, and more.

Personalized punch - bind books

Fastbind you can utilize your existing Wire-O or plastic comb machines in new ways! By creating personalized hard covers with Fastbind Casematic you can give your wire-o and comb bindings new look, new ways of usage and add time to their lifetime.


Easy snap Covers and Menus

Event Agendas and Restaurant Menus

Can all be made using

Personalized hard covers can be used in many different ways:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Hotel guides
  • Diplomas
  • Document holders etc

Personalized easy snap menus with changeable content!

With Fastbind making professional looking personalized easy snap menus is a matter of minutes! Changing the content is easy and fast.


Signs & Wall Art

The applications are limitless:

  • Signs
  • Printed paintings
  • Exhibition decoration

Print your own signboards and wall art that does not need frames!

New Custom Signboards & Wall Art can be made with the Fastbind Casematic case maker series to further even more your product line.


Book Cases

Outstanding Book Boxes

Can all be made using:

The applications are limitless:

  • Print – on - demand books
  • Books in short runs
  • Protective cases for different published items
  • Photo books and albums
  • Product catalogues etc.

Personalized book cases now available for short runs!

With Fastbind you can make book cases for short runs. Publishing - on-demand books in hard covers or even making protective cases for them in now easy and simple.