Custom Cover Materials

Fastbind Grey/Chip Boards 

Fastbind Grey Boards
  • Made specifically for optimum usage when making custom printed hard covers and cases using the Fastbind Casematic services case maker!
  • We stock many different sizes and spine thicknesses for hard covers
  • Compatible with Fastbind Casematic series, all Fastbind binders, Ring Binding and Comb Binding

Fastbind grey boards are pre-cut to the most popular sizes; Portrait, Landscape and Square.These are able to be ordered in whatever quantities are needed to finish the job.


Express Blank Case™

Express Blank Case
  • The quickest method of producing Hard Covers, Cases and Ring Binders. Simply place and wrap the printed graphics around the Express blank case, and your cover is done!
  • Stock sizes include common formats for Fastbind Hot Melt and BooXTer binding

Making personalized hard covers, ring binders and cases with Fastbind Express Blank Cases™ is easier than ever!


Fastbind Laminating Rolls™

Laminating Tape roll
  • Constant high quality
  • Specifically designed for Hard Cover production with wrap-around edge

Laminating Rolls are manufactured of special OPP material that will create very thin (24 micron gloss/35 micron matt) laminating layer. Fastbind Laminating Rolls are available with matt & glossy surface. They are used for exclusive quality print surface finishing.