Standard Cover Books

Hot Melt Standard Hard Covers

In addition to customized hard covers which give the greatest added value to your books, Fastbind offers a wide selection of available standard hard covers made for perfect binding on Fastbind hot melt binders. These high-quality and durable leather-imitation covers can be used on all of the Fastbind hot melt binders. All you need for a perfect binding is a cover and 2 endpapers. Covers are suitable for books with content from 35* to 400* pages. Standard covers are available with spine widths from 20 mm/0.31 to 0.79" thick**.

* Page count may vary depending on paper type used. 35 pages equals 18 two sided printed sheets; 400 pages equals 200 double sided printed sheets.

**Special sizes and thicknesses available upon request

There is one standard type of Fastbind hot melt hard covers available:

Hard Cover Books with Standard Covers