Personalized Hardcover Books

Hot Melt Personalized Hardcover Books

Making hardcover books used to require special knowledge, skills and/or heavy machinery. Not anymore.

Fastbind hot melt binders are considered as the most versatile perfect binding machines on the market. Even personalized hardcover books are easy to make in the formats up to A3 + and with thickness up to 50 mm/1.97“ or up to 920 pages*!

Fastbind has all the supplies you need for fast and flexible binding works:

  • Standard hard covers
  • Printable Tacking Sheets
  • Custom Cover Materials
  • End papers

For customized hard covers Fastbind has 2 solutions:

Perfect binding Personalised hard cover book samples


* Page count may vary depending on paper type. 720 pages equals 360 double-sided printed sheets and 920 pages equals 460 double sided printed sheets.

Add a Fastbind Case maker to your binder and double your profit with customized hard covers and cases!