Fastbind Solutions

Fastbind Finishing Options

Fastbind offers complete and professional finishing solutions for customized on-demand production and profitable short runs.

Three methods of book binding can each be completed by valuable, elegant customized hard covers with unique design. The applications are extremely versatile from hard and soft cover books and photo albums to stripe-backs, ring binders, CD-cases or even wall art.

Fastbind means high quality within the reach of everyone, producing all kinds of formats, thicknesses and covers regardless of which type of printer or paper is used.

Fastbind Case making Solutions

Fastbind Case Making

for Customized Hard Covers & Cases

By adding a Fastbind Case Maker to your binding solution, you double the value of your books with a professional look and a unique cover design.

On the same equipment you produce your personalized book cover, you can also create customized ring binders, CD cases and covers for upgrading your punch bindings.

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Fastbind Perfect Binding Options

Fastbind Perfect Binding

for Versatile Hard & Soft Cover Books

Fastbind perfect binders offer the most versatile solution for double-sided documents.

You can bind both soft and hard cover books up to 50 mm of thickness and SRA3 size without special settings. For thicker paper stocks, choose a model with Fastbind’s patented roughener which ensures a strong result regardless of the paper type.

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Fastbind linear staping Options

Fastbind BooXTer Binding

Extreme Binding Strength for Books

For double-sided prints, Fastbind BooXTer binders ensure an extremely solid result thanks to its innovative side-stapling method.

Perfectly suitable for coated and photographic stocks, the BooXTer line binds up to 8 mm thick books and photo albums in all kinds of sizes.

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Fastbind Solutions for Photobooks

Fastbind FotoMount Binding

for Stunning Lay-flat Albums

Your single-sided prints can be bound in stunning lay-flat albums with the Fastbind FotoMount binder line.

Using adhesive mounting sheets, middle-folded prints are mounted together giving a panoramic edge-to-edge view of the pages. The value of these precious albums is maximized by an entirely customized hard cover produced with a Fastbind case maker.

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