FotoMount Binders

FotoMount Binders

Fastbind FotoMount F42
FotoMount F42
Fastbind FotoMount F46e
FotoMount F46e

FotoMount Binding

A Completely Flat Panoramic AlbumFotoMount binding chart size

Compatible with single-sided printing

  • Supports any book format from miniature to 45 x 45 cm (1.77 x 1.77") and up to 80 mm (3.15") thick.
  • Ready-made covers includes hard covers in 30 x 30 cm (1.18 x 1.18") with 33-52 mm (1.29 x 2.05") spine.
  • By expanding into Fastbind Casematic product line you can make personalized hard covers in any format and spine thickness. See how to make a custom hard covers here!

The innovative Fastbind FotoMount™ product line allows printers and photographers to create premium custom photo albums from photographic paper, card, laminated material, copy paper and basically any prints. Single-printed folio pages folded and pasted together to create a butterfly-type of binding,They can produce the matching hard cover with a Fastbind Casematic™ case maker. The result is a premium lay-flat photo album, appropriate for corporate presentations, wedding albums, baby books, memory books etc.

Fastbind FotoMount is a superior solution, designed  for photographic studios, photo labs and professional photographers. It also meets the needs of digital printers, copy shops and on demand publishers.

Fastbind FotoMount binding machines offer premium quality results for demanding photo books, actor portfolios, exclusive service catalogues and more. For optimal results, hard covers are recommended.



FotoMount Personalized Hard Cover Albums

With Fastbind FotoMount binders, you can make a versatile number of fully or partially personalized hard cover books up to 80 mm/3.15" (up to 110+ flat spreads*) thick. All Fastbind supplies you need is a pair of FotoMount Binding End Sheets, one FotoMount Mounting Sheet per spread, Printable Tacking Sheet and the Custom Cover Materials to make a hard cover book.

With Fastbind there is one solution for completely customized hard covers:

* Spread count may vary depending on the used paper type and thickness of the Mounting Sheet.

FotoMount Photo Book Samples

User type Designed specifically for photographic studios, photo labs and professional photographers The F46e can make larger books and its operation is electric adding ease and speed to the process.
General info Large format photo album binding machine with removable extension table can produce albums up to 470 x 410 (spine direction) mm. Large format photo album binding machine to make albums up to 457 x 457 mm (18” x 18”).
Binding sizes

Up to 470 x 410 (spine direction) mm

Binding thickness 60 mm

Up to 470 x 457 (spine direction) mm

Binding thickness 80 mm

Standard Accessories Removable extension table, cover guide, content positioning holder, two cover positioning holders* Cover guide, content positioning holder, two cover positioning holders
Supply shelf available Yes, optional Yes (Included)
Machine operation Manual Electric

* Hold the FotoMount End Sheets™ with the content positioning holding magnets. Finally secure the cover on its place when attaching it to the book block with the magnetic cover and content positioning holders.