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Fastbind Creaser C400
Creaser C400
Fastbind Precision Creaser C500
Creaser C500


Creased soft covers, cards, invitations and photo paper

A strong, precise crease is the foundation for a quality product. Fastbind’s creasing machines allow you to crease your jobs easily and accurately, without expensive set-up time and tooling required.

Fastbind offers affordable creasers to score cardssoft covers and more. We have also designed a specialized photo creaser for difficult paper types commonly used for high quality photographic prints. Combined with Fastbind FotoMount Binders, Fastbind creasers give you a perfect crease, on-demand!


Cards And Menus

Creasing applications: Cards and Menus

Compatible with


Fastbind creasers fit all your scoring needs:

  • Bridal invitations
  • Menus
  • Greeting cards and Announcements
  • Exhibition programs
  • Art event invitations
  • Open doors brochures
  • Corporate advertising calendars

Digital printing has led to the development of on-demand and very short run applications of many kinds on thick card or embossed materials.

Short and ultra short run creasing can be too costly to accomplish when setting up electronic folding and creasing/scoring machines. Fastbind creasers are easy to set up, fast to use and can be used for production of any size, starting with one unit.

Fastbind creasers are often used in the production of soft covers, when combined with a Fastbind Perfect glue binder, and in photo albums to make that perfect deep crease needed to make FotoMount lay flat mounted albums without damaging the print!


Soft Cover Books

Fastbind soft cover solutions appeal to many publishers for their:

  • Paperback novels from new authors
  • Family histories and genealogies
  • Memories
  • Poem collections
  • Churches and religious group books
  • Theatre and opera programs
  • Training and educational manuals
  • Seminars and conferences hand-outs
  • Specialized theories, essays, thesis
  • User manuals
  • Product catalogues
  • Corporate brochures

The development of low-cost desktop publishing software and digital printing technologies has led to the progress of self and e-publishing.

Many self-published books utilize printing techniques which are chosen for their suitability for short press runs. In some cases, books are printed on demand with no inventory kept. Small companies also need publishing capabilities for numerous applications. Perfect hot glue binding is still the most appealing solutiuon for any profesionnal result.

Our Fastbind perfect binders can bind those soft cover books either on-demand or for small series. The results reach or exceed the quality of traditional soft cover books found in bookstores.


Fastbind Creasers

User type Economical and versatile manual creaser for general use. Large format manual creaser for general use.
General info This economical creasing machine is heavy-duty, easy to operate and powerful. Adjustable creasing power for harder or softer crease. Innovative creasing mechanism means you need even less manual force to make a perfect crease. You can effortlessly crease paper materials up to 500 mm wide. In addition, the C500 has several new innovations to ensure steady, accurate placement of your materials. New paper guards help optimize soft cover production. The table surface has been specially machined to ensure smooth, easy movement of the material into the correct position.
Creasing thickness up to 400 g/m2
Creasing width up to 400 mm up to 510 mm
Measurement With two alignment guides, you can make two different set-ups for the dimensions you want to use. You can make up to four creases without any additional adjustments. Easy and fast thumb-screw along the measurement scale and quick to set up. You can make up to four creases without additional adjustments.
Machine operation Manual
Packing 1 package, dimensions (W x L x H): 610 x 690 x 280 mm 1 package, dimensions (W x L x H): 740 x 660 x 280 mm